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  • 05-06-2017
    The Seven Mobile Application Development Trends to watch out for in 2017

    With the ever-evolving technology sector, the apps subsector seems to take lead of the industry. The trends have it; last year saw different steps that impacted on the entire industry. 2017 is no different from 2016, in any case it will be better, based on the progress realized so far. Several companies have

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  • 30-05-2017
    Use Blogger Outreach to Promote Content

      As a digital marketer, you clearly know that link building and content marketing are vital to each online advertising campaign. And whether you are just connecting with your fellow bloggers, or maybe reaching out to commerce influencers, blogger outreach is indispensable for intensifying your

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  • 23-05-2017
    How to Create Content That Attracts Backlinks

    As a digital marketer, all you want are powerful backlinks, right? Well among other things. Backlinks are the third mainly vital search engine ranking aspect. On the other hand, a majority of bloggers and online business owners are not precisely sure how to create active content that attracts backlinks. The

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  • 23-02-2017
    Why Content Is the New Branding

    The rise of digital marketing platforms and the ever-changing marketing landscape have altered the way marketers communicate with the customers. The number of agencies seems to sprout every day while most firms have expanded the net about skills and strategies used. Today, the major role of a marketer

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  • 08-01-2017
    Mobile Marketing Statistics

    With mobile marketing come endless opportunities for firms to capture the aspirations of the target audience. Any serious company knows that mobile marketing is the future of digital marketing, and is on the verge of optimizing and adapting for the mobile marketing. In every public place, you may not need to

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  • 03-01-2017
    What are the latest digital marketing trends?

    A look at the current trend in digital marketing shows a constant state of flux. With numerous digital marketing platforms emerging every day, marketers find it hard to keep up with the upcoming technology. It comes with limitless opportunities making it one that they cannot leave at bay, especially if they

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