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Honest, experienced and driven by what’s best for your business’ long-term growth, Internetum will help your company get a solid foothold in your niche. Our diverse team of experts in all areas of software development will provide you with complex, end-to-end solutions to help your company realize its full potential.

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We provide our partners with enterprise-level strategies focused on local markets. Over the years, we added different services and solutions to our portfolio with the purpose of solving current business challenges efficiently and delivering professional service to our partners.

  • Software development Software development

    Few things are more important to a 21st century business than having reliable software. Internetum’s team of experienced software developers craft and implement tailored software solutions to keep your business running smoothly and customers happy.

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  • Fleet management software development Fleet management software development

    Systematically collecting and analyzing vast amounts of vehicle data ensures substantial long-term savings. Internetum’s tailor-made software fleet management software will help you monitor the lifecycle of every vehicle, from acquisition to disposal.

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  • Mobile App Dev Mobile App Dev

    Internetum’s development expertise does not end with the web. Our talented and UX-oriented Android and iOS developers create tailor-made intuitive, handy apps to support customer engagement and loyalty.

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  • UI/IX Design UI/IX Design

    As investments go, it’s hard to beat straightforward, user-friendly software. Our team will audit and test layout, flow and content to make your software, website and apps both visually elegant and functionally useful.

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  • IT Infrastructure design IT Infrastructure design

    The more complex the solutions you plan to implement, the more solid the underlying structure needs to be. Our team will analyze your requirements and develop technical specifications to meet them to keep your company efficient and secure.

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  • Managed IT Services Managed IT Services

    Concentrate on what you’re good at, and leave the technical details to us. Our Managed IT Services will take complex process analyses, content marketing strategy and information services such as data storage and network monitoring off your plate.

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