Widely known as an SEO tool meant for backlinking analysis, Ahrefs came to being in 2011. Since inception, the device has found a wide range of use from backlink intelligence, SEO audits, link prospecting as well as content marketing reviews. Despite the widespread use of the concept, it’s yet hit high on the adoption across different industries. In fact, it remains unknown to many companies who would be willing if only they got sufficient information. With more than 6 billion pages processed by the Google crawlers, you cannot wish away the potential that comes with it.

The target audience

Before you can invest your effort into the concept, you need to know if it will work for your type of organization. With the available information on site, the tool is best suited for people keen to take the bulk of their time on it such as the SEO agencies, content marketing teams as well as in-house digital marketing teams. If yours is a just casual interest of analyzing domains, you can take advantage of other readily available tools that suit your budget.

The cost of Ahrefs

With limited marketing budgets, many companies are keen to adopt online tools that give maximum results at minimum investments. There is no secret about the high cost of Ahrefs, which might be the reason for the low adoption by the small and medium enterprises. Nonetheless, the freemium pricing level gives the value for money, hence a perfect way to assess the offer. If you are just starting, you can take up the individual packages that range from $99 to $179 depending on the functionality. Large enterprises can take advantage of the agency licenses which range from 399 for three users to $2500 for 25 users per month.

Ahrefs price

If you need to track the performance of the investment, you need to check the pricing and the plan page available on site. Focus on the expected results, and probably how best you will use the tools. Like many others, Koozai is fully compliant Ahrefs customers, hence no affiliate links attached to this post. The site is not limited to Ahrefs since it can be dangerous for any business to invest all the resources in a single tool. Making a decision based on a single instrument is likely to expose the company to the uncertainties. You have to verify the information collected by other party tools before making the decision.

The best time to use the tool

ahrefs options
Having begun as a backlink analysis platform, the apparatus has overtime increased the use of the different business function. They have helped the teams to utilize data sets provided various means of evaluating the data. Today, marketers can analyze the backlinks, conduct keyword research, analyze content and review keywords for the best use of the business.

The metrics involved

When you log into the site, the first thing that comes to your site is the dashboards where you can set up the ongoing projects. The domains you choose will be tracked for any projected changes in the set metrics often determined by the Ahrefs operating platform. The domain health is the score that measures compliance with the SEO requirements like metadata violations, crawl-ability, and accessibility.

When it comes URL rating, it’s more or less the same as the Moz’s page authority and the Google PageRank grader. While the metrics are useful in evaluating the performances, they only provide a benchmark to guide your operations as opposed to specific scores to determine the performance. With a vast range of information available on the internet, the rating ought to give an accurate trajectory, but should not be considered similar to the Google SEOP score. The best part about the grade is that it provides a valid comparison on a 30-day interval, as well as color codes showing how the existing domains compare.

The metrics involved

The position trackers

When it comes to SEO, marketers have to master the use of keywords to reach optimum ranking. It doesn’t enter automatically that the keywords you choose will help you achieve higher ranks, without doing a thorough research on the trending topics. The position tracker comes in handy when you want to review keywords for ranking and performance. Whenever you get into the dashboard, you will have a chance to see a hasty report of the keyword alterations in varying ranking groups.

The position trackers

As for the content alerts, they are covered under the content explorer part, which allows users to see the alarms associated with the subject, with an option to post more. If you are looking for convenience and simplicity, email notifications provide unmatched coverage to the business. You can set up notifications for domain health, positions trackers and the new backlinks. You can make more targeted updates based on the backlinks and the significance of daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

The site Explorer

Ideally, the site explorer was the initial backlink checker tool. You just had to add the domain to the explorer bar and sit pretty as well as you view the results. As with other leading back-link checkers, the feature provides a summary of all the backlinks, referring IP addresses, domains found, pages crawled as well as educational links that popped up. Other than providing a faster way to compare domains, you can take up to six domains at a go from a given interface.

site explorer

You may also use the Explorer Ahrefs top that shows the leading one million domains according to set index. The work is founded on curiosity rather than the vital SEO workflow hence the need to master the details involved. The tool expands the high-level analysis by putting in the leading content widget which shows the ten prominent content pieces.