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  • 20-07-2018
    What is structured data for SEO and why should you care?

    Are you wondering what structured data is and how it's relevant to your job as an SEO expert? You're in the right place. To put it simply, structured data helps search engines understand your content better and faster. If you'd like your site to be visible in search rankings – and who wouldn't? –

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  • 13-07-2018
    Valid HTML – does it matter or can you just ignore it?

    If you're keeping a close eye on the SEO scene, you might have seen this recent tweet from Google’s Gary Illyes: “Dear JavaScript frameworks and plugins, If you could stop putting invalid tags in the HTML head, like IMG and DIV, that would be great. Yours truly, Browsers” The use of

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  • 06-07-2018
    3 critical aspects that make an SEO strategy great

    Internet users rely on search engines to make sense of the web and bring them the best results. But how do search engines like Google tell which results are best? In this article, we talk about three critical aspects that play a vital role in SEO: authority, relevance, and trust. Read on to find out

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  • 29-06-2018
    Here’s why brand building should be central in every SEO strategy

    If there's one thing we know for sure is that Google likes strong brands. It often gives such brands preferential treatment. Solid brands get higher rankings with fewer links, and in case of improper conduct, they get penalized but then resurface on the web just a few weeks later. If there's one thing we

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  • 22-06-2018
    Machine learning and SEO? Here’s what you should know

    And even though SEO is an area focused on optimizing websites to match the requirements of a particular system. That system is the search engine. It's essential that SEO experts understand how the system they're optimizing for works. Best SEO strategies are developed by those who have in-depth knowledge

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  • 19-12-2017
    An expert guide to using Ahrefs

    Widely known as an SEO tool meant for backlinking analysis, Ahrefs came to being in 2011. Since inception, the device has found a wide range of use from backlink intelligence, SEO audits, link prospecting as well as content marketing reviews. Despite the widespread use of the concept, it's yet hit high on

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