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  • 04-12-2017
    What we know about Google’s mobile index

    Web pages have always been Google’s best choice when it comes to their source of content. As a result, current content ranked is majorly based on desktop signals and less concentration on the mobile aspect of the same. The apparent neglect of mobile content ranking always results to a poor shadow of a

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  • 27-11-2017
    An Expert Guide to Google Shopping

    When it comes to marketing e-commerce companies, nothing works better than the shopping campaigns. Relatively new to the concept of digital marketing, many marketers are yet to get a better grip on the style hence not yet realized its full potential. Nonetheless, there’s nothing short of success if the

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  • 22-11-2017
    Revolutionizing Your Business Using Google Trends

    Nothing works best than Google trends When it comes to digital marketing. The tools come in handy when journalists want to know the topics that would appeal to crowds, as well as companies monitoring the performance of their products while evaluating the consumer interests. With a concrete idea of what the

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  • 22-11-2017
    The Recent Google Layout Changes and What It Means For Businesses

    Arguably the biggest Search engine in the digital Arena, Google has taken a commanding lead in setting up the rules of the online marketing game. The search engine attracts billions of queries every day which seems to capture marketers to gain from such activities. Often, the visitors will make inquiries

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  • 22-11-2017
    Everything You Need To Know About Featured Snippets

    Since inception, content marketing seems to take precedence over conventional marketing. The race to rank high in SERP has been tough, and likely to get more challenging day by day. The motive behind a cut-throat competition to achieve higher ranks in SERPs is pure; enjoy more visibility than the competition

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  • 20-11-2017
    Six Tools to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing in 2018

    Irrespective of how your brand performed over the years, a new year is an ideal chance to recap such performance regarding advertising execution. It is the perfect time to determine which approaches that are making positive progress and those that are not. As a result, you might reconsider the failing ones

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