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Content marketing is an important segment of digital marketing campaigns today. By producing quality content and distributing it across the right channels, we help our partners reach maximum visibility online. This will transform website traffic into conversions and first-time visitors into loyal customers.

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Producing useful and engaging content is a sure-fire way to grow your online presence and drive plenty of valuable traffic to your website. We help our partners plan, develop, and distribute content across various channels to ensure top performance and optimal ROI.

  • Content marketing strategy Content marketing strategy

    We plan, develop, and execute content marketing strategies that are tailored to match the needs of our partners.

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  • Content Marketing Methods
    Content Marketing Methods

    Our content marketing methods are in line with industry standards and best practices to ensure that our partners get the best results from our campaigns.

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  • B2B Content Marketing
    B2B Content Marketing

    We deliver B2B content marketing campaigns to help our partners build stronger brands online and drive more of traffic to their websites.

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  • Benefits of Content Marketing
    Benefits of Content Marketing

    There is a reason content marketing is a large focus in the marketing sector today.

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We help our partners reach their goals efficiently.

  • Goal:

    Promotion of the brand, as well as the client’s products in Great Britain.

  • Actions:

    Content Marketing campaign based on educating consumers about the devices sold by the client, their operation and the benefits of video recorders. The campaign was conducted for business customers.

  • Effect:

    Increased sales volume in the segment of devices intended for small and medium companies.

  • Goal:

    Increasing brand recognition on the British market within a short period.

  • Actions:

    Publication of numerous articles addressed to the client’s target group. Creation of an educational campaign, available both in large information services and thematic portals.

  • Effect:

    Increased conversion, together with a significant increase in organic mentions about the client in the media.

  • Goal:

    Increased interest in the insurance of vintage cars in the UK.

  • Actions:

    Launching a long-term information campaign about the insurance of vintage cars.

  • Effect:

    A significant increase in inputs from the Direct channel after the second month of activities.

  • Goal:

    Creating an image campaign for a potential customer group.

  • Actions:

    Publication of educational articles in industry media. The campaign was divided into two parts intended for business and private customers.

  • Effect:

    During the initial period of the campaign, we noticed a slight increase in interest in the brand, only to increase traffic from the Direct channel by 50% after 4 months.

„In a matter of months we had gained a larger % of the clients in our market”

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We plan our digital marketing activities, complete tasks efficiently, and track our progress to verify the results of our campaigns.

Experienced in executing link building and content marketing campaigns for well-known brands. Passionate about the art of SEO and content marketing.

Mike Lyko

Operations Manager
Internetum Team

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