Did you know that more than 74 million of websites around the world are based on WordPress? Tools of this platform were used to create websites of Time, Sony Music or even Beyoncé. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) and it has been dominating in the market of open source software for over a decade. Since its creation in 2003, it has been constantly increasing the number of users.. At the moment, WordPress is downloaded 126 000 times every day.

WordPress is a perfect tool for creating websites, both for beginning and more experienced users. You only need to purchase one of many hosting packages that meet your needs the most (for example the one provided by Internetum), register a domain, and install software on the server by plugging a chosen domain into it. The installation process can be even easier if the future website admin decides to buy hosting service package that include a group of useful applications, for example application library Click & Build. Once the right hosting package is purchased, only a few clicks are needed to perform the installation process. Every step of the WordPress installation, from naming a project to finalizing the configuration, is quick and ends with confirmation that the task had been completed successfully Users can choose the management mode (Safe Mode or Free Mode) that perfectly fits their needs when it comes to flexibility and security and is perfectly tailored to their technical skills at the same time. In addition, Internetum has prepared for you something amazing: a special built-in WordPress assistant that will help you to choose a project and a structure (blog, commercial website, private website, etc.) for your website, basing on information you provide. It also will tell you what plugins to choose (for example, SEO plugin) and what custom template is recommended for the type of your website and potentially installed adds-on.

The simplicity of WordPress makes it easy to create websites. You even do not need any special skills. This is possible thanks to the fact that the WordPress software separates website content from its structures, letting you publish things without HTML knowledge and programming skills. It is said that if you can work with Microsoft Office, WordPress should not cause you any difficulties. This platform has become a key tool for many bloggers and small business workers who would like to become visible online. More than 60% of all websites based on CMS use WordPress – it gives more than 126 000 downloads every day. One of the most important advantages of WordPress is that it is free for all users: from ordinary bloggers to big companies mentioned on the Fortune 500 list.

The WordPress platform makes it easy to transform an ordinary website into interactive channels of communication with customers. For example, the beyonce.com website was created on WordPress and, despite a fairly simple tiled home page layout, which consists from a gallery divided into a few categories, it looks really impressive. While browsing it, you can also go to other tabs and search engines in the sidebar. The Beyonce.com website is visited by 35 000 people every day.

beyonce wordpress site


Simplicity and easy use are not the only advantages of WordPress. A huge database of both paid and free functional and configurable motives and plugins allows users to personalize their website and adapt them to the needs of a specific target group. Different layouts, color palettes, and valuable applications of third companies are just a few examples that will let you create a professional website, using WordPress. The platform enables you to transform your ordinary website into interactive channels of communication with your customers.

Internetum supports the WordPress community, offering good hosting solutions: for example WordPress-optimized hosting that makes it even easier to configure websites and publish unique content. The modern interface is an intuitive and convenient way to install and customize website projects that use the most popular content management system in the world.

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