Fleet management software – say goodbye to spreadsheets!

Constant systematic collection and analysis of vast amounts of data means substantial savings in multiple areas including vehicle downtime, fuel expenses and driver efficiency. If your fleet is growing or you’re just looking to make the most of every vehicle, getting your very own Fleet Management Software is the solution.

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The benefits don’t end with operational cost savings, either. The more data you have on the vehicles in your fleet, the less likely drivers, pilots and captains are to have accidents, and the more efficient they will be. And reliable, quality service equals happy customers.

  • Vehicle management Vehicle management

    Having your own Fleet Management Software will allow you to monitor the lifecycle of every vehicle, from acquisition to disposal. Every relevant detail on maintenance, licensing, registration, taxes and insurance will be collected and used to construct detailed forecasts to assist you in future strategy and purchase decisions.

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  • Driver management Driver management

    Monitoring your drivers’ conduct will help you avoid accidents, keep your drivers and their cargo safe, and reduce the risk of PR disasters that could do irreparable damage to your brand. Fleet Management Software keeps track of licenses, penalty points and a plethora of behavior metrics to ensure responsible, defensive driving.

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  • Incident management Incident management

    Accidents happen despite the best of intentions, so the best we can do is be prepared to deal with them when they do. Good incident management means the appropriate people are alerted when something goes wrong and can take action immediately based on details on incident origin and urgency, thus reducing any downtime.

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  • Tracking Tracking

    The more data on routes and other trip metrics you have and analyze, the better you can adapt your schedules to make the most of drivers’ time and your vehicles’ lifespan. Circumstances change, and the ability to adapt is one of the most important characteristics of a successful company.

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We help our partners reach their goals efficiently.

  • Goal:

    Building brand recognition and increasing website traffic.


  • Actions:

    Based primarily on content marketing in combination with e-PR.

  • Effect:

    In just 3 months, we managed to increase the number of brand search queries in the search engine by 130%.

  • Goal:

    Increasing organic traffic and sales.

  • Actions:

    In just 4 months, the client’s website ranked on the first page of search results under the selected keyword phrases.

  • Effect:

    In total, the intensive campaign that lasted 12 months increased traffic from organic results by 470% and sales through the website by 750%.

  • Goal:

    Rebuilding the brand’s authority online and on Google.

  • Actions:

    SEO tactic based on the publication of sponsored articles on sites with the highest possible authority.

  • Effect:

    After 3 months of fierce competition, we managed to restore the website’s first positions in the search engine ranking for selected keywords.

  • Goal:

    Increasing organic traffic for a new insurance brand.


  • Actions:

    We’ve combined content marketing with page positioning for achieving optimal results quickly.

  • Effect:

    After the first 3 months of the campaign, we managed to obtain an average of 3000 unique visits monthly.

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