As a digital marketer, all you want are powerful backlinks, right? Well among other things. Backlinks are the third mainly vital search engine ranking aspect. On the other hand, a majority of bloggers and online business owners are not precisely sure how to create active content that attracts backlinks. The key to success in this area is to purely focus on the most lucrative content type that generates the uppermost amount of backlinks, traffic, and shares on social media. Backlinks are not only critically important to search engine rankings but also have numerous benefits to any online business. Moreover, more backlinks mean enhanced domain authority.

linkbait example

The most shared and practical approach of making the pages on your website naturally attract links is through the use of linkbaits. A linkbait refers to specifically-formulated content with the intention of attracting links. In simple terms, it is a link magnet. In SEO optimization, such relationships play a fundamental role in improving page rankings on search engines. A linkbait may include a vast variety of content such as images, Infographic, Comprehensive Guides, Interactive content and video among many others. Links not only help enhance the entire authority of the website. As a result, the entire site ends up attracting additional traffic from organic search. Moreover, most pieces of linkbait besides rank exceptionally well for a lot of other related terms.

For a linkbait to generate the expected positive results, it should possess many outstanding qualities. What makes a perfect and highly efficient linkbait foremost depends on a complete understanding of the share triggers concept. The linkbait should offer not only a good utility but also have a certain sense of humor to keep it interesting. Additionally, making a linkbait visual goes a long way in convincing more users to open your links. Research shows that visuals convince individuals to consume content more rapidly and trouble-free. An ideal linkbait should as well be newsworthy, comprehensive and in-depth.

Infographics are the most efficient and powerful way of creating useful bank links. Consequently, such are the most excellent ways to put up heaps of far above the ground authority backlinks. Therefore the infographics in place should be not only eye-catching but also data-rich. They are beside huge for the brand image since they will make the business always to stand out. More than a few studies suggest that infographics create the largest part of social shares too. More importantly, Infographics are comparatively harder to make in comparison simple blog posts. As a result of several people just have a preference of creating a link back to infographics as a replacement for placing the complete information by them. With that said, having excellent infographics will not only keep one a step ahead of most people but will also a competitive advantage which is likely to generate more traffic in the long run. One may require hiring a professional graphic designer to create infographics for their website. Although such may create additional costs, the effort is all worth.

Another excellent way of creating content that attracts backlinks is through breaching the traditional word count. It is evident that social media shares play a huge role to play for any content marketing line of attack. It not only generates traffic views but also enhances credibility, traction, and overall engagement. All of such actions in due course translate to healthier exposure and fresh backlinks. Recent studies indicate that blog posts with extra word-count acquire additional shares on social media. Therefore, increasing your share on social media is a perfect strategy to boost the potential of spawning more backlinks.

list posts

Since your primary goal here is to create content which attracts backlinks, creating blog posts list will achieve such and more. The majority of readers prefer list posts and more often than not share them on social platforms. Moreover, such list posts attract plenty of backlinks, and roughly often perform superior in comparison to other types of content concerning comments generation. The reason behind list posts popularity is because such create a definite promise in the blog title. Consequently, such posts are a lot easier to skim through. A huge number of digital marketers prefer lists posts since they are trouble free to write and they also tend not to consume much time when compared to other unlisted posts.

However, linkbaits require vigorous promotions for them to be completely valid. The great news is that there is an assortment of easy and straightforward ways of promoting linkbaits. Among such promotional strategies include advertising such baits to your existing audiences. Additionally, you may pay for exposure to your target audience through the popular paid-media. Through paid media platforms such as Facebook ads, one could with no trouble target groups that would take pleasure in the content at hand.

Lastly, building valuable backlinks takes some time, and the success will not come overnight. However, if one is patient enough and uses the right approach, making strong link magnets may take shorter than usual. Like any other field, quite a number of things that will be entirely out of your control. On the other hand, your content and whatever you publish on your pages and websites is. It is thus necessary to having a keen understanding the fundamental principles of the whole process. Also, strive to get a deeper understanding of the psychology of reasons for people creating links to someone else’s work, such knowledge will make the whole process simpler and straightforward. Altogether, know that link spams can, without a doubt, tear down your search engine rankings.