Internetum is a PPC and Social Media Agency agency that will deliver enterprise-level strategy focused on your local market. Although you might have heard the term full service agency, with Internetum this is exactly what you will receive. Internetum has continually evolved, adding services and solutions for the purpose of solving the business challenges

Today, internet is full of informations u want to control in your company.
Without specialize tools it’s impossible to gather all that data and build unify content of your company.
Not all of us are Shakespear or write for the New York Times. While some of us have been blessed with the ability to write content that grabs the reader, many do not have that ability. We have on staff writers from some of the most well known publications in the world to help supply you content that will entertain and lure readers to your website and help build your audience.
  • Submit Your Own Content
  • Have your writers produce articles for submission
    to our web site partners
  • Use Our Content Writing Service


Producing useful and engaging content is one of the most robust ways to allow your website to grow on the web. From an effective strategy and calendar planning to content creation, finding the right distribution channels and delivering thought leadership, we have the content marketing approach to suit you. Check out more information about Content Marketing


Social media channels are one of the most effective ways of building credibility and brand affinity online. By setting the right guidelines, starting discussions, telling stories and managing your brand with personality on each social channel, we can help you instill faith and increase sales.


As one of the most traditional marketing mediums, email still offers the best return on your investment. We can help grow your lists, design bespoke, mobile friendly templates and integrate with inbound marketing to track and measure your click-throughs and engagement levels.


Pay-per-click advertising is a sure-fire way to produce qualified web leads and boost initial web traffic and sales. Utilising all major search engines perform long-tail keyword analysis, create social, mobile and contextual ads, maximising click-through and conversion rates.