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Building a strong online brand is essential in today’s fast-paced, digitized markets. We help our partners engage and convert their target audiences through various digital marketing channels.

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We strive to provide our partners with online marketing strategies that match their individual needs, as well as the demands of current dynamic markets. Our digital strategies are designed with top performance and optimal ROI in mind.

  • Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

    We use our online marketing experience to develop and execute digital marketing strategies that encompass multiple marketing channels.

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  • Email Marketing Email Marketing

    We plan and implement email campaigns to help our partners generate leads and boost their sales with the help of this promising, low cost marketing channel.

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  • Online Advertising Online Advertising

    There are many ways organizations can advertise their products on the web, and we have knowledge of them all. We help our partners take advantage of online marketing tactics that are best-suited to their goals.

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  • Digital Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Strategy

    We provide our partners with end-to-end digital marketing planning to help them generate more leads and create a buzz around their brand.

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We help our partners reach their goals efficiently.

  • Goal:

    Building brand recognition and increasing website traffic.


  • Actions:

    Based primarily on content marketing in combination with e-PR.

  • Effect:

    In just 3 months, we managed to increase the number of brand search queries in the search engine by 130%.

  • Goal:

    Increasing organic traffic and sales.

  • Actions:

    In just 4 months, the client’s website ranked on the first page of search results under the selected keyword phrases.

  • Effect:

    In total, the intensive campaign that lasted 12 months increased traffic from organic results by 470% and sales through the website by 750%.

  • Goal:

    Rebuilding the brand’s authority online and on Google.

  • Actions:

    SEO tactic based on the publication of sponsored articles on sites with the highest possible authority.

  • Effect:

    After 3 months of fierce competition, we managed to restore the website’s first positions in the search engine ranking for selected keywords.

  • Goal:

    Increasing organic traffic for a new insurance brand.


  • Actions:

    We’ve combined content marketing with page positioning for achieving optimal results quickly.

  • Effect:

    After the first 3 months of the campaign, we managed to obtain an average of 3000 unique visits monthly.

We always plan our digital marketing activities, complete tasks efficiently, and track our progress to verify the results and ROI of our campaigns.


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With over 12 years of commercial experience SEO and Application Development and 8 years in Web Development, William is extremely passionate about IT, web security and data science.

William Holeksa

Managing Director
Internetum Team

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