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We provide our partners with comprehensive PPC tactics for directing traffic their websites through strategically-placed ads in order to make the most of opportunities presented by online advertising.

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Our mission is helping our partners take full advantage of paid advertising models by ensuring that their ads are displayed in places where they’re seen by their target audience.

  • PPC Advertising PPC Advertising

    PPC advertising is an excellent strategy for advertisers who are charged only if a user clicks on their ad.

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  • Google PPC/AdWords Google PPC/AdWords

    Google is the most popular search engine on the web. We offer tailored PPC campaigns that focus on the Google search engine and Google AdWords.

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  • Facebook PPC/Ads Facebook PPC/Ads

    Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world. We help our partners reach their target audiences on Facebook and other apps that belong to its family with well-placed Facebook Ads.

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  • Pay Per Click campaigns Pay Per Click campaigns

    We plan, develop, and execute PPC campaigns that are flexible, efficient, and within your specific budget.

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We help our partners reach their goals efficiently.

  • Goal:

    PPC campaign optimization.

  • Actions:

    PPC campaign optimization.

  • Effect:

    Increase in conversion rate within the set budget by 17%.

  • Goal:

    Increasing website traffic before the SEO campaign.

  • Actions:

    Keyword research and campaign optimization focusing only on keywords that convert.

  • Effect:

    Following the campaign, running an additional channel for conversion from search results – we managed to generate an additional 27% of queries during the first month.

  • Goal:

    Optimization of the existing Adwords campaign.

  • Actions:

    Another process of keyword research and optimization of prepared text ads.

  • Effect:

    Maintaining the budget at the same level, we increased the campaign’s effectiveness by 15% after just two weeks from the beginning of our collaboration.

We deliver comprehensive PPC campaign services, step by step.

Experienced in executing link building and content marketing campaigns for well-known brands. Passionate about the art of SEO and content marketing.

Mike Lyko

Operations Manager
Internetum Team

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