Terms and Conditions

1. The subject of this agreement is to establish the principles of cooperation between Globster Limited (Internetum) and the client, consisting of appointing and providing qualified contractors by Globster Limited to perform tasks as part of projects implemented by the client.
2. Globster Limited declares that it has the required authorizations, necessary knowledge to perform the subject of the agreement, as well as experience in finding contractors with the skills and experience required for the proper performance of the entrusted tasks.
3. Globster Limited declares that it will require carrying out specific tasks related to the project by natural persons, legal persons, or organizational units without legal personality conducting business activities, and that these entities will create conditions enabling the free organization and performance of the tasks in question.
4. The Services are performed on the basis of the orders placed by the client with Globster Limited, agreed by the parties, which takes place in accordance with the following stages:
-a) Requirements regarding the qualifications and number of contractors; the scope of tasks to be performed in the project.
-b) The estimated date of commencement and completion of tasks.
5. The contractors’ remuneration and any taxes is the sole responsibility of Globster Limited. The Client undertakes to refrain from establishing cooperation with contractors.
6. Activities provided by each of the contractors will be performed up to 8 (eight) hours a day as part of working days, 5 (five) days a week. The provision of services for more extended hours or days may be performed only at the explicit request of the client.
7. Globster undertakes to ensure appropriate conditions for the contractors to provide services in the project, including, where appropriate, hardware, software, other types of materials, and permits required to enable the contractors to perform the tasks specified for them by the client.
8. The parties to the agreement undertake to cooperate with each other in the course of the performance of the agreement; in particular, the client is obliged to provide Globster Limited with all the data necessary for the performance of the assigned tasks.
9. Termination. The client undertakes to inform Globster Limited at least three months notice to end the agreement.
10. For the Services provided under the provisions of the agreement, the client shall pay Globster Limited a fee determined according to the rate previously determined for individual contractors. Payment should be made within 7 days of receiving an invoice from Globster Limited.

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Terms and Conditions

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