Nevertheless, everything must fall in its place, and the clients must get what they deserve. Amid well-spread confusion on the levels of certification, it calls for a vivid explanation of the various levels to the SEO community. Let’s take a view of the different types of certification, and the process of acquisition of each.

Google AdWords Certified Individual

Google AdWords Certified Individual

So far this is the most traditional mode of Google certification and happens to be the easiest to acquire. Google advice indicates that for you to be a Google Ad words certified individual you should;

  • Adhere to the set rules and regulations
  • Be able to run and manage at least one Adword Account using MCC (My Client Centre) for three months
  • Have at least $1000 total spend in the MCC over a period of 3 months
  • Pass the Google exam given

Most people concentrate on passing the exam, and it costs $50 only at any particular time you sit for it. First timers at the Distilled usually pass the exam as it is not so hard to move as long as you are accustomed to Adwords and attend to the lessons. However, if you are well versed on Adverbs, you may opt not to take the lessons.
The factor is the major challenge as in most cases; the lessons cover the vital aspects of the whole Adwords orbit which include questions and invoicing of the topic. Similarly, lessons include search ads, banner ads, and even the content network. Hence, to be able to pass the exam you should ensure that you are on par with the entire system besides the daily stuff.

Based on the format, you need to tackle 100 questions in about 90 minutes, and score at least 70% out of the total.
The format used for the exam is that in 90 minutes you should have tackled 100 questions and that you should score at least 75% to pass. Once you have passed the exam, you get a badge and receive a professional recognition page provided by Google, and that is what verifies your status which you can link.

Google Adwords Certified Company

Google Adwords Certified Company

The Google Adwords Certified Company is a company that has a few of its individuals certified. Also, the GACC has a much higher amount spent on the MCC. The Company requirements expected by Google for authorization include that;

  • A company should have a mailing and billing address in US and UK
  • The Company should have at least two employees with Individual Adwords Certificate
  • The minimum spends required over a period of three months should be equivalent to $100,000

The major obstacle when it comes to qualifying as a Company is the amount of cash required to have been spent or is devoted to the MCC which is a lot more than that of the Individual. The amount you spend in the MCC should reflect after every three months which can be difficult at times because one has seasonal campaigns where clients come and go hence lacks consistency. Once you are qualified for a GACC, you get a badge that is updated, and you also get a professional rank on Google as well.

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC)

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

Unlike the two above, GAACs are very scarce. The difficulties in owning this lay in the requirements and are not exam based but rather like interviews. You are required to present a document outlining the reasons why you want to get authorization. The email you write should have the evidence of;

  • You are good in Analytics, and you can solely offer analytic services which include configuration, consulting, training and implementation.
  • You have three paid and verifiable Google analytics projects with three different customers who can be reached by Google for contact. The projects should focus on a wide scope including a detailed report on your GA code customization to your clients. You are an expert in Web Analytics which include speaking, white paper and blogging among others.
  • You have at least two of your employees verified to have passed the GAIQ test. Besides the above it is expected that;
  • You at least send one representative to the GAAC Summit that is held annually in Mountain View CA sponsored by you.

Another criterion you must meet also is to provide a report after every three months showing all the GA projects you have done in a period of three months. The report should have a list of the customer’s name and the results.
With less than 100 authorized Companies in the World, it is clear that the task at hand is not that simple. However, if you manage to be approved, the benefits are amazing, and besides being a member of the private club you also get to have this advantages as well;

  • Client referrals possibilities from the Google Sales Team
  • Lofty technical support for Google Analytics
  • A listing on the Google Analytic Partner Page
  • A yearly invitation to the GAAC Summit at the Google offices
  • You also get to have access to the exclusive GAAC web forum, and you are allowed to share views, ideas and technical tips with the GAAC and Google.
  • A fancy badge displayed on your site

Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC)

Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant

This happens to be the last on the list. However, the authorization process for the WOAC is slightly easier in comparison to the GAAC. Since the numbers of authorized companies under it are few, it appears last on the list. To be authorized you will have to follow the same process as the GAAC that is emailing Google with a detailed report on how you intend to meet the criteria clarified by Google. The email you send should show that you;

  • Have designed and implemented at least three successful projects, accompanied by screenshots
  • Have expertise in blogging, white paper and speaking
  • Provided services on Google Web Optimizer which include training, consulting and setup
  • Willing to attend and pass the GNO technical training sessions self-sponsored at Google offices which take a couple of days

You are devoted to launching a minimum of three Website Optimizer experiments quarterly.
Just like the vast benefits of the GAAC, the WOAC has similar advantages. So far, only 33 Companies have been authorized in the whole World. The benefits apart from being on the exclusive list are that one gets to have;

  • High technical support
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • A listing on the Web Optimizer partners page
  • Fancy badge displayed on their website