In a world where more than 50 % of the population uses a phone for calling, texting, browsing and sending emails, it is technically naïve to spend more time on billboards. Digital marketing is a standard term that described the integrated marketing efforts employed to attract, interact and convert online visitors into customers. The concepts rely on multiple online channels such as SEO, social media, influencer marketing, paid ads and content marketing to facilitate smooth interactions between the customers and the brands.
The fact that everyone is tossing around the term does not bring all to the same page, with regard to what it means or what it entails. Vast majority of businesses are yet to come up with a sound digital marketing plan, and the few that have, are yet to integrate it into their business strategic plan, making it hard to delve into its details. A closer look at the current trends does not show any possibility that the concept will slow down for the companies to catch up, hence likely to miss on the massive coverage that comes with its adoption. Not to say the targeted efforts that lowers the cost of marketing without compromising the bottom-line.
Even with the tremendous potential, it might be hard to cruise without sufficient knowledge of the elements, and how to convert leads into actual sales. It does not guarantee instant market success as one have to get the right mix of tactics that suits the industry as well as the target audience. In fact, marketers must work within the limits provided or risk falling into market interruption, which becomes nuisance to the customers, lowering your brand appeal. Without digital marketing, you could be missing the following:


With numerous marketing platforms in digital marketing, you cannot lose a suitable channel that suits your target audience and the budget. You will hardly use one channel if you want more than just online presence. An error in the print media is likely to reach the audience leaving you with limited chance to rectify. On the other hand, you can edit the information released via online media platforms. However, you have no control on what has been shared through social media.

Fast-paced coverage

With digital marketing channels comes a fast way to convey your message, when you want, and how you want it delivered. The channels are yet to finds a match when it comes to coverage and the speed to which the clients receive the intended message. Unlike the print media that follow a lengthy process of dispatch, you can virtually publish digital content within minutes, saving you time and money. Your physical presence is not required at the point of delivery.


The ability to measure performance on marketing tactics remains invaluable to your digital marketing. It gives insights on the strengths and the areas that require immediate interventions to turn around your performance. You can use online polls, surveys, and questions to evaluate the client’s feelings, thoughts and interaction with the subjects. As if not enough, you can use analytics to gauge the level of interest that you can use to communicate with the target audience.

Higher conversion rates

Digital gives you endless opportunities to reach clients beyond the borders. The concept is ever growing and giving you the unlimited exposure that translates to higher conversion rates. With relevant and high-quality content, you can spur your site within a few days and consistently reap the benefits. Previous studies on the impacts have shown more than 24% increase in conversion when small businesses engage employ digital marketing.

Real-time results

In a fast changing marketing arena, you cannot afford the luxury to wait for weeks to improve your customer engagement. That is what you get from the conventional tactics, leaving you behind the modern trends. Digital marketing gives you the convenience to access sales data and view the number of subscriptions made real-time. You can track the trends and identify the key drivers, which forms the basis for your actions.

Low cost marketing

Everyone works with a budget, which aims at maximizing the return on investment. In matters cost, digital platforms give you a rare opportunity to develop online marketing strategies without breaking the bank. The coverage is far away greater than the conventional marketing for the same amount of investment. In some instances, you can attract traffic at no cost through social media platforms if can create viral content.

Improved functionality

Other than the price and quality of products, the current clients are keen on functional and shopping convenience. You are likely to get little traffic if your website is not user-friendly and vice versa. Nonetheless, you can achieve that using digital content as it comes with better functionality and improved aesthetics. The numerous ads on gives the much-needed user experience that leaves unlimited possibilities for marketing campaigns.
As the world moves towards cloud computing, it is interesting to forecast how marketing will integrate into the global connectivity. According to Gartner, the world will see about 26 billion gadgets interconnected to form the global ecosystem. Without digital marketing, it is virtually impossible to integrate the businesses with the internet of things, which is the next big thing in technology, which will not only improve storage but operational efficiency across marketing channels.