What is web hosting and how to choose it?

Hosting akrovides space on constantly working, connected to Internet computer (called server). In order to make the website work, a server needs to support it. If a computer does not work correctly, a website will be unavailable. For this reason, you should pay attention to many details while choosing your perfect web hosting.

There is one term that is closely associated with hosting – uptime. Uptime is a measure of time (in %) of trouble-free operation of a server and thus websites supported by it. The right uptime should be 99%. It means that if you browse a website for a certain amount of time, it will work without any difficulties and problems in 99% of cases.

Web hosting prices and free web hosting

Hosting prices range from ten to hundreds of dollars per year. If you choose the cheapest offer, you will receive rather poor performance (see below) and low uptime. Even the most beautiful website can bring shame if it does not work, or it takes too long to load.

The reasonable annual hosting price range is from 30 to 160 dollars. Cheaper offers are likely to bring many problems, while more expensive ones usually are not worth their price.

Some companies also offer free hosting – it is a terrible solution. Free hosting plans mean slowness, restrictions on the amount of transferred data (because of that, your website can stop working in the less expecting moment), and above all – exhausting ads.

There are no good free and cheap web hosting offers. Hosting is a very important service when it comes to a website and its proper work. You should never save on it.

What are the differences between parameters of web hosting offers?

Depending on the complexity level of your website, you will need to choose web hosting that offers you the right technologies. Requirements are fairly standard – just pay attention to whether the offer includes PHP and MySQL technologies. In order to be sure, ask a company that creates your website if it is enough.

Hosting plans also have disk space limits (shown in MB (megabyte) or GB (gigabyte, 1GB is about 1000MB)). Typical websites needs just 200MB of disk space, but if you are going to publish many pictures or videos on your website, you should choose an offer that provides you several GBs.

You also need to pay attention to transfer services – an amount of data that can be sent from a server to Internet users. For example, a picture is 1MB and it is sent to two Internet users who are browsing the web. The transfer that they have generated is 2MB (2 x 1 MB).

Transfer for a typical website usually does not exceed 20GB monthly, but the safe limit is 40GB.

What to pay attention to while choosing the right web hosting offer?

In addition to the features described above, you need to make sure that if you reach the limit of disk space of transfer; your website will turn off instead of being automatically directed towards Internet users, thus exceeding your limit, forcing you to pay the penalty. It is important to read the contract and if anything is not clear – ask your hosting provider. If such practices are included in the terms of the agreement, the best way is to change your hosting provider and choose more professional offer. Above all, choose a hosting offer with limits that you will even not get close to – their prices are the same, you only need to find the right offer.

The best web hosting – which offer to choose?

Many web hosting providers will introduce you to offers that typically allow you to publish you a few simple pages. Besides, many of them will give you an answer back within a few days instead of a few minutes. This is a key issue when there are any problems with your web hosting. Make sure that the people who answer you have the right background and do not only use conversation patterns (so called Scripts) written by their superiors.

When it comes to our hosting offer, you can be sure that we will try to provide you the best quality of services. You can choose different packages. We do not impose limits on the disk space or transfer. Our offer includes everything that you might need in order to develop and run your website. Besides, we can even introduce you to free domains!

Stability, the right speed of servers, and instant technical assistance make Internetum a perfect offer for you. Learn more about our web hosting packages and choose something for yourself.

What’s next? How to connect web hosting to a domain?

Hosting can work immediately after purchase, but you need an Internet domain if you want to launch your website. Your domain needs to be connected to your website (web hosting) via so-called DNS server in order to direct to the right website. But this is the task of the company that develops a website for you. Your domain will start displaying your website within 48 hours from the moment of connecting it to the hosting.